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Helen offers 3 types of one-on-one money coaching services:

1) 15-minute free consultation – for new clients only (Price: $0)

This is a 15-minute Zoom call. Helen and the new client meet the first time, and get to know each other. Client explains which specific areas he/she likes to get help on, and what kind of money issues need to be addressed. Helen and client mutually agree on the next steps. It’s going to be either one-hour paid session, or two-hour paid session, or no follow-ups.

2) One-hour paid consultation (Price: $150)

This is one of the two paid sessions available to clients. It is a Zoom call. If you want to have a high-level discussion about your finances, this is the right session. You may feel you are already doing a good job about managing money, and just need to consult with Helen about a couple of specific areas. One hour should be enough time.

3) Two-hour paid consultation (Price: $280)

This is the second of the two paid sessions. It is a Zoom call. If you need a deep-level discussion about your money, consider this session. During the two hours, Helen helps clients to find out what the current situation is, what the issues and challenges are, and set up a good plan together with the client. After 2-3 months, clients may need to schedule another paid session with Helen, so both parties can discuss how the plan has been executed, if the clients are on the right path, and any adjustment if needed.

When and how to make a payment

The full payment has to be made before the consultation starts.

The following payment method is provided by PayPal. NONE of the payment information is stored on this web site:

  • First, select the One-hour Consultation – 150.00 USD, or Two-hour Consultation – 280.00 USD
  • If you have a PayPal account, select the “PayPal” button listed below to make a payment.
  • If you don’t have a PayPal account, that’s all right, you can still make a payment by selecting the button “Debit or Credit Card”.
  • Follow the PayPal instructions

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