Helen’s Books and Other Business

Money coaching is Helen’s primary business.

Besides this, Helen also writes books, mainly memoirs. She published two eBooks on Amazon:

“Dad’s Bicycle: Journey of A Chinese Family”

“Living or Dying?: A Chinese American’s Life, Dreams, and Journey with Cancer”

During the pandemic, Helen wrote a small book (in Chinese) “Four years of College”, and shared it with her college classmates. It was about Helen’s college life in the early 1980s in Beijing. Four months later she finished the sequel to “Four years of College”. It was to pay tributes to her five dear college classmates, who passed away too early. These two books were not published.

As part of her passion, Helen loves to help people who plan to come to US to either work or study. She likes to let them know the detailed life in US, and answer any questions. This is Helen’s “Living in US Consulting” business. A Chinese version of this business site is also available.