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– 留美生活顾问


Helen has been living in US for close to 30 years. She was in the graduate school first, later worked as IT engineer for many years in US. Her kid went through the schools in US as well.

If you or your young kids plan to come to US, either attending schools or working, feel free to contact Helen regarding the details of the new life in US. To begin with, you can schedule a 15-minute free consultation with Helen. After that, the 1-hour and 2-hour sessions are available to clients who want to know the details about living in US.

Moving to a new country is both exciting and challenging. As a parent, I fully understand parents’ concerns and worries about their kids living in US:

  • Which school should my kid go to, as we got multipler offers?
  • What kind of food is available?
  • Is the new place safe? Any precautions that are necessary daily? Nowadays the news about US gun violence is non-stopping. Even my Mom (who lives in China) keeps asking me: “Are you all right?”
  • How to get the driver’s license? Safety issue comes back again, is it safe to drive in US?
  • How to get health insurance?
  • How to get car insurance?
  • On and on.

Helen has the first-hand experience as a long time resident in US, and is able to provide you the insights. Helen is fluent in Mandarin as well.


The living-in-US consultation adopts the same pricing structure as my money coaching practice:

  • 1-hour session: USD $150
  • 2-hour session: USD $280


It is through PayPal wes site. Please check the Payment section under the tab Services for details.

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