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Does your money work for you?

Let’s talk about money. Money is power and freedom.

Work with Helen to achieve your financial goals.

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Helen loves talking about money in easy-to-understand terms. Over the years, she has been in charge of her own finances, saved and invested. She retired from her engineering career at the age of 47. Helen also helped her families and friends to understand how the money works, how to overcome the fears and achieve their financial goals. As a trustworthy person and money coach, Helen wants to help you succeed on your money.

Helen is NOT certified to sell any investment products or advice, and she has no interest to do so. Nowadays there are so many products in the market, and some are getting very complicated. People don’t need just the products. They want to know exactly what the products are. Helen truly believes that empowering you with the financial knowledge and skills is very important to your financial well-being. Through the customized one-on-one coaching, Helen helps you to make good financial decisions, invest by yourself, and put you and your family as the top priority.

Helen is ready to help you

In many cultures, it’s a taboo talking about money. But, love it or hate it, money is part of our life:

  • How many times did our life become so miserable because money was not managed properly?
  • Are we barely keeping the heads above the water because of the debt of credit card, loans, etc.?
  • We are working so hard every day. But at the end of the month, what’s left on the table is nothing but unpaid bills.
  • Where did the money go?
  • The kids are going to college in a couple of months, and we still don’t know how to pay for their tuition, not mentioning room and board.
  • Like many Americans, we might wonder if we can ever afford to retire.
  • Inflation, why are you here? Go away.

Obviously, the money-related stress is real, and impacts the life in a lot of negative ways. Sit down with Helen. You and Helen will work together, figure out where you are financially right now (Point A), where you want to be (Point B), and more importantly, how to help you get to Point B from Point A.

Money management is not rocket science. But, it requires time and effort to set up workable plans, and it’s up to you to execute the plans. There is no shortcut. Having lived in US for close to 30 years, Helen knows it is hard work paying off mortgage, sending kid to college, and saving for retirement. Experience matters. She made it, so can you.

Helen likes straightforward ways to tackle your finances. No fancy APP or tools. Just a piece of paper, a calculator, some spreadsheets, slide one or two. Together, let’s do what matters the most to you: make your money work for you, because you deserve the power and freedom.

Contact Helen and schedule a 15-minute free consultation (a Zoom call), so we can get to know each other.

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